Birmingham Pandava Sena Youth Group

Pandava Sena is considered to be the Youth Wing of ISKCON. Our temple has one of the most vibrant and active youth groups around. Have a look to see what they get up to.


Every fortnightly the youth group meets up at particular venue or at the temple and has a Jamming – Kirtan, Aarti, Interactive and chilled out talk, then a yummy vegetarian feast followed by late night kirtan. They also hold special weekend retreats.  For further info please contact:

Krishna Consciousness Society

Throughout the year they will hold weekly events at Aston and Birmingham Univeristy to discuss and explore spirituality. They also provide spiritual retreats for those who want a break from the grinding urban lifestyle.

Most importantly, what you’ll find at the KC Soc (as they are more commonly known), are a group of friendly, like-minded individuals, passionate about living a more spiritual life.


Small groups of devotees meet up regulary to study and discuss the Vedic Scriptures. Want to learn, then please come along.

National Pandava Sena Youth Website

Click here to see the website.

For further info please contact:


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