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The festival is free of charge but an event of this size would not be a success without the support of sponsors and donations. If you would like to donate towards the event then please see the below options.

If you have any other queries on sponsorship, then please contact Jatin Jina on the following information.

Jatin Jina

FROM UK: 07740508664
FROM EUROPE: 0044 7740508664
FROM US & CANADA: 011 44 7740508664
Email: ISKCON1008@hotmail.com

Ways to donate:

Online:  Click Here

In person:

You can give the donation to Jatin Jina or Mayapur Madhava Das.

But please…………

If you do donate then please email Jatin Jina at ISKCON1008@hotmail.com and please copy Mayapur Madhava Das also moh1_nandi@hotmail.com so that we are aware of your donation.

Receipts will be issued for your service as long as we have your address.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to donate towards the festival then please use our donate button with reference #bhamkirtan17.

Costs for the festival 2017:

Hall Hire | £3500
Flying in Guests | £1500
Decoration | £1000
Flowers | £1000
Prasadam | £2500
Sound and Video | £350
Other: £250
Total cost: £10,100

Receipts can be shown on request if you would like to sponsor any of the above.

If you would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to serve Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Lord Jagannath then please email me at ISKCON1008@hotmail.com, please copy in smawji@yahoo.comnitaicharan@fsmail.net and moh1_nandi@hotmail.com

Payments can be made by:

1. Cheque made payable to “ISKCON Ltd -Birmingham” and post it free of charge to: ISKCON, Freepost NEA 15996, Birmingham, B16 9BR
2. Or cash- please give to Jatin Prabhu / Sejal Mataji during Sunday program / festival days.
3. Online transfers can be made via our website: https://iskconbirmingham.org/donate and click on the paypal link.

If you make a donation online then you should follow this procedure:

Pay your donation in with reference number/details: 24hr kirtan and donor’s name. eg ” 24hr kirtan. £51 Ram Das (Ranjit Sharma), Address Rd etc…”

This should be followed by an email to the above email list confirming amount, name and address.

This has the dual purpose of producing records for both receipts and keeping our spreadsheet up to date. All donors will be given a receipt. Please remember to include your address and state if you would like to Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

On Behalf of the 24 Hours Finance Committee,

Jatin Jina
Finance Team

 Thank You

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