Wolverhampton Programmes

We warmly invite you with your friends and family to join us with the once a month programmes which takes place in Wolverhampton areas.

Those people who have not witnessed this phenomena as yet we advise that you come and experience this yourself and take your life on a transcendental journey.

We have a special speaker who gives captivating & enlightening talks on various topics based on Bhagavad Gita and other Vedic teachings.  These programmes are surely not to be missed.  

We would like to also invite you to come and join in the loud and ecstatic kirtans and make the atmosphere pure. It is said that the soul is of a spiritual nature and is naturally pleasure-seeking. Despite economic development and the world of consumerism in which we live in today, no amount of fanciful gadgets and hi-tech devices satisfies the soul-the soul is still yearning for something much deeper and no amount of superficial delights can appease the soul’s hankerings. Since time immemorial it has been crying out to be absorbed and reconnected to its spiritual source. To chant in kirtans and by listening to these fascinating talks nourishes and supplies that missing ingredient and pacifies the soul.

Upcoming Events in Wolverhampton presented to you by
ISKCON Birmingham:-

Saturday 19th December – Wolverhampton

GA - BG - application (2)

Saturday 13th December – Wolverhampton

Durga Bhawan- Shocking stories from mahabharata

Saturday 28th November – Wolverhampton

GA - Freedom from Material Nature

Saturday 8th November – Wolverhampton

The Power of Habits

Saturday 24th October – Wolverhampton

GA - Mind Friend or EnemySunday 4th October – Wolverhampton

Durga Bhawan- Do all religions lead to the same goalSaturday 19th September – Wolverhampton

GA - How to develop pure bhakti (1)

Sunday 2nd August – Wolverhampton

BHAKTI - The Powerful Force

Saturday 8th August – Wolverhampton

Reincarnation, Ghosts and the power of bhaktiSunday 5th July – Wolverhampton

Sunday 21st June – Wolverhampton

GA- Karma and ReincarnationSunday 3rd May – Wolverhampton

bilston- 2 hour kirtanSunday 26th April 2015 – Wolverhampton

The Mysteries of Hinduism Revealed

Sunday 12th April 2015 – Bilston 

Lord Narasimhadeva Poster

Saturday 28th March – Wolverhampton

Ram Navami - GA Wolverhampton